Using a Lead Management Software as a Service to boost Productivity.

In the craft of sales, being able to manage leads efficiently is a skill which many do not possess. Lead management involves recording the details of the lead. Then keeping track of the lead as it progresses to becoming a productive client. This cycle can be quick or slow. With lots of potential leads, managing them all can be time consuming. When information is mislaid, or contact is missed, the mistakes can be costly.

Spreadsheets and CRM’s

Many businesses use either spreadsheets or expensive and complex customer relationship management (CRM) software. In both situations, a lot of time is spent recording and adjusting the information. And for small businesses, the purchasing outlay for a superior quality CRM can be prohibitive. With both spreadsheets and CRM’s, contact information may need to be transferred to diaries or calendars to enable regular contact, or to book appointments. Messages from the lead or an existing client may also be mislaid when recorded on the fly.

Lead Management Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud-based lead management software, could be a proactive and productive sales approach for many small to medium businesses (SMB’s). is a cloud-based package, which works on multiple platforms. It manages the key moments within the cycle, with a drag and drop interface.

Leads can be captured from multiple sources. Data can be imported from spreadsheets, scanned from business cards, or clipped from LinkedIn and other websites. With customizable tags, fields and categories, leads can be sorted into useful groups.

Integration with other applications

This SaaS syncs with diaries to ensure meeting and call details are up to date. It connects with online accounting, mail, office and Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip) applications, to automate invoicing, phone calls and other business features. Through Zapier(R) or the API integration this service connects with over 750 apps. The mobile apps allow access on the go.

The application provides a global overview of personal and team sales pipelines. Individual sales agents can create personalized steps for their sales process. For sales teams, there are features which allow team participation or team management.