PROVISIONAL LICENCE : An official document

A driving licence is an official document legalises the bearer to operate a variety of motor vehicles on public roads and highways. In most countries in the UK, driving licences are administered by the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. For one to drive on the highway or a public as defined by the law, it is a requirement to have a driving licence.
In addition to a driving licence being a traffic document, it is also used interchangeably as an identity card. it can serve as a legal document for use to open a bank account, show one’s identity or as a proof of a certain age limit especially when buying alcohol.

Applying For a Provisional Licence

One can submit an application for a provisional driving licence once they attain age 15 years and 9 months. A provisional licence legalises one to drive a light quad bike as long as they are 16 years of age. When one turns 17 years, they are eligible to drive a car. A provisional driving licence is subject to certain conditions. One holds a provisional licence until they are eligible to get a full driving licence. To get a full driving licence, one must pass a United Kingdom driving test which consist of;

  •  Theory.
  • A hazard perception test.
  • A supervised driving test.

Conditions attached to a provisional licence include;

  •  The vehicle’s registration number must be displayed conspicuously on both the rear and front of the vehicle.
  •  Towing of a trailer is prohibited, except where one has a full licence which gives a provision to drive a car with a trailer or when driving a tractor or a bus.
  • Motorcycle riders are prohibited from carrying passengers.
  • A certain category of learner drivers is required to be under the supervision of persons aged 21,with a full driving licence for a minimum of three years. The exception to this requirement is solo riders or vehicles designed for solo motorists.
  • A bus driver using a provisional driving licence is not allowed to carry any passengers except their instructors.
    After passing a driving test, one can surrender the provisional licence within a duration of two years. As opposed to a provisional licence, a full driving licence does not have any restrictions . however, if the driver accumulates a minimum of six penalty points within a 2-year duration after passing the driving test, the driving licence is automatically withdrawn and the driver must take another test again. The six penalty points will, however, remain on the new driving licence until their expiry period.
    Motor vehicle licences in the UK are issued in line with the type of vehicle that the test was taken whether manual or automatic transmission. A manual transmission vehicle licence allows the holder to drive either type but an automatic transmission vehicle licence allows only that type of vehicle. Additionally, the licence shows whether the driver requires spectacles or contact lenses for them to be legally driving.
    A driving licence can is legible for as long as the holder is capable of driving. However, the licence has to be renewed every 3 years once the holder is 70 years and above. The renewal involves taking minor tests to prove that they are still in perfect condition to drive. The renewal also involves taking another photo every 10 years for ease of recognition.
  • apply for provisional licence

To be eligible for a provisional licence, some of these conditions must be met;

  •  You must be a resident of the Great Britain.
  • Meet the required age limit.
  • Meet the minimum eyesight requirement.
  • Have a valid national identity document.
    On application, the provisional licence should be ready within a week.