A French English school in Paris France

Aiming to be the best French English school Paris has to offer, Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP) has a very clear mission. Young students ranging from two and a half to eleven years old are to be educated to the highest standard and taught not only to be fluent in both French and English but also encouraged to eventually become well educated, globally-minded, responsible citizens of the world. With the school located in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, it’s not surprising that many extra-curricular activities are organised, too. Students are introduced to the real world of art, drama, culture and everything else that Paris proudly offers the world in abundance.

The style of teaching adopted by the school is immersive teaching. Whatever the subject of any particular school lesson, French or English will be the medium of instruction. Each student is immersed in their non-native language from the start, and gradually it begins to make sense and become meaningful. All classes are taught by either native French or English speakers to ensure students have correct pronunciation and achieve equal fluency in both languages whether the students’ own native language is French, English or any other language. The school accepts students of all nationalities, and many students whose native language is neither French or English can look forward to mastering two very important foreign languages.

BISP’s claim to constantly achieving educational excellence is based on the teaching staff’s unique blend of a more personal approach to education coupled with modern, cutting edge technology. Their personal approach focuses on each child as an individual who needs to be nurtured and whose physical and mental well-being need to be assured in order to maximise the educational value of the lessons. Classes are kept small to allow each teacher to provide individual attention where needed.

The Teachers are also well-versed in modern technological teaching aids and recognise the valuable contribution to education they make. The school is well-furnished with computers and a vast range of educational software that teachers make use of, but always with the clear intention of never relying on software or any impersonal technology to do the job of a dedicated teacher. The staff recognise that only the personal approach can encourage and foster confidence and self development in their students, and they maintain the continued success of BISP is due in large part to this unique approach.