Consider Waffles for your Career Change

Have you had enough of « working for the man »? The drudge of working nine to five day after day, week after week of the year just isn’t cutting it for you? It sounds like you’ve reached your limit and you can’t go on with the boredom of working in an office. It has never been fulfilling, but you had a family to feed and bills to pay. You fulfilled your responsibility, which is extremely commendable but now your kids are grown and you want to do something completely different until you reach retirement age.

Since you have had enough of working for other people, maybe it’s time to work for yourself. It’s not going to be simple to do but in a short time, you’ll be happy with the decision to work on your own. When you are your own boss, the hours can be long, but you have the flexibility to work when you want, leaving free time for when you want it. 

Now that you’ve decided to go independent, what will you actually do? One obvious recommendation would be to get into the food industry. This doesn’t mean that you need to open up a restaurant or permanent brick and mortar establishment. Perhaps you can sell from a portable food cart or a food truck. We believe that the snack food industry can be extraordinarily lucrative and satisfying. Specifically, selling waffles is our suggestion to you. The initial start up costs are not exorbitant, overhead is minimal, conversion rate is excellent and breaking even takes such a short amount of time.

Make sure you select high quality equipment, such as a Krampouz Waffle Maker. You will not regret the initial investment with this professional appliance. Additionally, find the best, most ethical suppliers you possibly can, which involves doing your homework first and asking around for referrals. If you use healthy ingredients, rather than the industrial waffle mixes, you can use this point to market to your new customers. More and more people are aware of the health hazards of GMO ingredients and dangerous chemical additives; these discerning people also fit into the category of customers willing to pay extra for higher quality food. With a little bit of targeted research and a lot of hard work, your new career will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.